Take a break, relax and regain your strength. Experience nature.
– The boat rental in the heart of Bergedorf –

We are Regina and Wolfgang Kämener. Together we run the Bergedorf boat house and offer our visitors a unique boating experience in nature. Our boat rental is located right next to the Schillerufer – right in the heart of Bergedorf, just five minutes away from the Bergedorf train station. You can forget the bustle and hustle of the city and experience the romantic and idyllic Bille up close.

It is important to us that everyone feels comfortable whether they are professionals or beginners. We therefore offer boat types with which even people with little or no experience can safely move on the water. Ambitious water sportsmen will get their money’s worth with our high-quality boats.

We look forward to bringing you closer to the world of water sports and the beauty of the Bille! Please do not hesitate to contact us personally before you visit.

The beauty of the Bille

The Bille is a tributary of the river Elbe. It rises from xxx and its 65 kilometer-long path runs to the center of Bergedorf. You can start with your nature experience from here. With just a few paddle strokes, you can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and experience nature in its most pristine form. This is what makes the Bille and our location so special!

The nature along the Bille is very diverse and varied. Particularly idyllic areas include the billetal conservation area at the Grander Mill, the Castle Moat unto which the Bille was dammed in Bergedorf and the path that it takes between the Boberg dunes and Billwerders. It is home to kingfishers, brook trout and river mussels and other aquatic life. You can find our water map here.

Our boats and prices

Below you will find an overview of our boats and prices. Place the pointer on a picture to get more information about our boats. All our prices include life jackets, a waterproof bag for your valuables and a water map for travelling.


Price: 9€ /hour or 40€ / day

In this boat, you sit alone and move with the help of a double paddle. You can quickly reach high speeds with little effort – kayaks stand out for no other reason than their speed and maneuverability. Kayaks are ideal for long journeys.


Price: 11€ /hour or 50€ / day

In the kayak, you sit together with your companion in a boat and use a double paddle to move. Coordination and synchronization are important because you will only get ahead if you plunge the paddle in the water at the same time and on the same side of the kayak.

Two-seater canoe

Price: 11€ /hour or 50€ / day

The canoe is an open boat where you can explore the Bille and the Bergedorfer environment together with your companion. Equipped with a paddle each, the canoe can be moved by using the paddle on opposite sides of the boat.

Three-seater canoe

Price: 12€ /hour or 55€ / day

The canoe is moved by two people using paddles. The paddle is usually used by the paddlers on the opposite sides of the boat, with each paddler only paddling on the same side.

Four-seater canoe

Price: 13€ /hour or 60€ / day

The four-seater canoe offers more fun together. This canoe can accommodate up to four people. Because of its size, it is also suitable for family outings.

Sit on Top Kajak

Price: 8€ /hour or 35€ / day

The “sit on top kayak” is a variation of a kayak and a stand up paddling board. You do not sit in this kayak, but on a “boat”. The shape of the boat and the seat position makes it much more difficult to fall into the water compared to the Stand Up Paddling. A double paddle is used to move around.

Pedal boats

Price: 14€ /hour or 70€ / day

If you love it safe and comfortable, the pedal boat is the ideal watercraft to explore the Bergedorfer environment. Up to 2 adults and 2 children can relax on a tour on the Bille.

Stand Up Paddling

Price: 7€ /hour or 30€ / day

Only a surfboard separates you and the water. You stand on the board as upright as possible and move with the help of a canoeing paddle, alternately attached to the left and right side of the board into the water. Balance, body tension and concentration are crucial to avoid falling into the water.

Opening hours & Contact information

We are open from Monday to Saturday,
from 1 pm to 7 pm and Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm

Our boat house is closed from October to march

Bootshaus Bergedorf
Schillerufer 41
21029 Hamburg

Phone: 040/41922906
Mobile: 0175 1507724

E-Mail: info@bootshaus-bergedorf.com